Special Thanks

Special thanks and recognition to Dr. Hazem Elariny, who will always be my hero. Without him, none of this would have been possible, for he was the one who worked a miracle and gave my life back to me. Little did he realize that on that day in 2001 when we first met, that he was saving me from me, then again, perhaps he did know, and that in itself is a testimonial of my beautiful new life. His surgical skills reign supreme and his hands are truly blessed. No doubt in my mind that he was truly the answer to my prayer, and the reason that I am alive today. I shall never be able to repay him, but with great effort shall I continue to pay the blessing forward by offering hope and help to those who are struggling. Dr Elariny has a thriving practice in the Washington DC area. Visit his site for help at www.alagsa.com you will never regret your choice to be a patient and friend of this wonderful man. Thanks again Dr. E.

Special Thanks to Dr. J Timothy Katzen, my LA connection to a new and contoured body. Dr. Katzen's amazing surgical skills are only complimented by his kind and caring, above and beyond bedside manner. Every time I woke up in the hospital he was by my side, providing support, care and kindness. Seldom do you see surgeons who are so committed to their patients, but I found one when I met Timothy Katzen. Find him at www.bodybykatzen.com or see him at his Beverly Hills office. His hands are truly blessed, and it is so very clear that he is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of his practice. I just love the man. Thank you for everything Dr. Katzen. Especially for your kindness and support, and for walking the last mile of obesity with me.

Special thanks to Dr. Bruce Shack, who took my case over when I returned to Nashville and thanks to Vanderbilt Hospital. With the complications I was suffering from the thigh lift, due to no one's control, it was necessary that I was hospitalized several times. Dr. Shack and his team were dedicated to healing me, and looking back, it was a really big mountain that we all somehow got over. Without Dr. Shack, I would have been back on the plane to LA, however he took over my case and, worked closely with Dr. Katzen to get me well. I appreciate your kind and consistent efforts Dr. Shack, and you have a great team beside you.

Special thanks to my pal, Dr. Donald Griffin in Nashville Tennessee. He was the one who put the final touches to my newly contoured body and allowed me to lay the old Connie to rest finally. With his immaculate skills, he gave me new breasts and contoured the new arms for me, leaving behind the inches of the unsightly bagging and sagging skin. How can I ever thank him? Although he arrived at the end of the journey, he was the one to restore my self confidence and self esteem, like putting the icing on the cake. What a great man. What an excellent and dedicated surgeon. Find Dr. Griffin in his thriving practice in Nashville Tennessee, or contact him through his web site: www.nashvillecosmeticsurgery.com.

Special Thanks to everyone else who has walked beside me on this long journey, my family, my friends, Anthony Robbins and Dr. Wayne Dyer for motivational support and focus, ENDEMOLUK for not only the documentary, but for their friendships which are ongoing, Cynthia Jones, Greg Race, Denise Fussell, Alkon Consulting, Katy Hamnes, Macrofoods, Shauna Bryan, Silver Wings, Liz Smith, Mark Smith, a multitude of church members and prayer groups, all of my surgeons, doctors, and nurses, and thanks to the thousands who have contacted me for help and hope. It is those calls that keep reminding me what I am here for.