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Weight Loss Overview
More often then not, the reason we have trouble letting go of excess weight is because we are holding onto emotional baggage and limiting beliefs about ourselves. We try to change, but we never seem to get the results we want. Something always stops us from getting our weight loss goals.

At Your Empowerment Source, they use cutting edge, breakthrough techniques, to help you let go of your emotional baggage and limiting beliefs, so that you can let go of excess weight. The only thing stopping you from getting your weight loss goals is you. Let them empower you to live a healthy life. They even guarantee their results, for life!

This is what you have been waiting for; fast, effective change. Its time for you to start a journey towards being healthy. Let them be your first step. Visit today for more details.

A Word From Connie
When I think of my favorite Van Morrison song "BRAND NEW DAY" I have to laugh out loud now....for this is the way I felt after my very first meeting with Your Empowerment Source. Having just one session with this amazing company has changed my life. They magically erased years of struggles with issues I had not yet dealt with, which had manifested into my becoming a 637 pound person. Although I had already been through weight loss surgery, and several traumatic reconstructive procedures, I had not yet dealt with the emotional struggles I had in my mind, which left me still feeling like a very obese person most of the time. Issues of past relationships, hurtful and damaging emotions that surfaced on almost a daily basis, low self esteem and self worth, lack of self confidence, fear, codependency issues..all of those gone now after one visit to Your Empowerment Source. If you are struggling today, then don't just sit there. I urge you to come out of your dark place and realize that there truly is help out there, and I am talking about help that is almost immediate, and won't take years of lying on a couch and paying thousands of dollars to resolve. I can never say thank you enough to Your Empowerment Source for giving me the greatest gift I could ever imagine....a clean canvas to enjoy and appreciate a new life. My only regret is that I did not know about them sooner. Thanks to the wonderful company and their amazing techniques, I can indeed wake up each morning and say "IT'S A BRAND NEW DAY" Thank you Your Empowerment Source. You have a client for life! For help today, contact me and I'll tell you all about this astounding opportunity to find the same results I have found after my session with Your Empowerment Source. What a miracle, to be able to live life with passion again. I value their work and dedication so dearly that I want to tell the world!"
Connie Jackson